Leavy is a tour de-force songwriter who burned into the Flagstaff folk-rock and songwriter scene in 2011. He quickly began booking shows throughout Arizona, from dive-bars to 1,000+ seat theaters, playing hundreds of shows throughout with such widely varying acts as the March Fourth Marching Band, Authority Zero's Jason DeVore, and Irish Pub legend, Tony Cummins. 

With heavy ragtime piano, horns a-plenty and a whiskey-tinged timbre worth its weight in bourbon, local singer and guitarist Tim Leavy launches his debut release of self-penned tunes, Home. And that is exactly where we feel—between the joy and tumult—with this well-produced collection that connects Flagstaff’s underbelly to oily top with the artist’s inner workings. Coupled with a gritty overlay in the cadence and timbre of Tom Waits meets punk rock rebellion, it’s a wild ride to the the intersection of crunchy blues and alt-folk where listeners of all factions will find solace or common friends and foes in Leavy’s lyrics that leave just enough to the imagination. But for this musician on the rise, first he’s ready to come home to Hops on Birch, 22 E. Birch, at 9 p.m. 
-Diandra Markgraf, writer, Flagstaff Live, on debut album release

Tim's explosive energy as a performer not only draws a crowd but always keeps them in the bar, entertained and captivated. He has always been easy to work with and I have him back Hops as often as possible.
-Kyle Merritt, Owner, Hops On Birch

Tim Leavy, poignant songwriter, energetic performer, down home roots and soul, alive here in FLG.
-Dave Hernandez, Owner, Mia's Lounge

Tim Leavy's live performances are combination of bar brawl, soft porn, and a dance contest.
-Rand Jenkins, Marketing Director at Mountain Mojo Group